Unsocial - Episode 3:

The First Time

In this episode of "Unsocial", you are told the short backstory behind David and how his social anxiety came to be.

There is one collectible card in this level. See if you can find it.

A silent narrative


PC: Arrow Keys to move

Phone: Swipe to move

Design Team:

Coding: Leon Lowe

Artwork: Leon Lowe

Story: Leon Lowe


Story-rich content


Lots of secrets

Episodic timeline (Follow my page to keep up to date with new episodes)

Large map

Multiple endings


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This is a story-rich game which tackles with issues that some players may find distressing.

Disclaimer: if you do not like games where you have to search for things and tell your own story then do not play this.

Any donations are highly appreciated and keeps this studio running.

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