Unsocial - Episode 2:

Home Life

In this episode of "Unsocial", you get to control the main character (David) as he lives a regular day of his home life. You are able to walk around the environment and interact with people and objects to tell a story.

There are two collectible cards in this level. See if you can find them.

A silent narrative


PC: Arrow Keys to move

Phone: Swipe to move

Design Team:

Coding: Leon Lowe

Artwork: Leon Lowe

Story: Leon Lowe


Story-rich content


Lots of secrets

Episodic timeline (Follow my page to keep up to date with new episodes)

Large map

Multiple endings


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This is a story-rich game which tackles with issues that some players may find distressing.

Disclaimer: if you do not like games where you have to search for things and tell your own story then do not play this.

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