Unsocial - Episode 1:

High School

In this episode of "Unsocial", you get to controller the main character (David) while he is in school. You are able to walk around the environment and interact with people and objects to tell a story.

There are two collectible cards in this level. See if you can find them.

A silent narrative


PC: Arrow Keys to move

Phone: Swipe to move

Design Team:

Coding: Leon Lowe

Artwork: Leon Lowe

Story: Leon Lowe


Story-rich content


Lots of secrets

Episodic timeline (Follow my page to keep up to date with new episodes)

Large map

Multiple endings


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This is a story-rich game which tackles with issues that some players may find distressing.

Disclaimer: if you do not like games where you have to search for things and tell your own story then do not play this.

Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, Bitsy, Episodic, Multiple Endings, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone


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Shit game

It's a little high-school simulator. It seems that every other person you encounter is hostile and the rest pretend they like you. I liked the multiple endings, so you get a few replays.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our game making contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Hi. I am interested in your game making contest. Also, while this game may seem like a "high-school simulator", it actually has a much deeper story behind it. there are going to be a total of four more episodes, each of which will tell you more about the character. This first game is just dipping the toes. 

Thanks for your interest! Here's our site, where most of the things related to the contest happen: www.thegdwc.com. It seemed like a just the beginning of a larger game for me too. We accept multiple entries from each, so you can enter as many episodes you manage to get ready before October.